Let's Make Robots!

New Guy to the Group

Hi all I am new to the Let's Make Robots group but an active member of the astromech community and looking for some additional resources and fellow robotics lovers.

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I will repeat the welcome others have already laid out.

I will be interested in seeing more about the robots you mentioned; especially the larger, more elaborate one.

Are they going in the legs/foot cups the way they would in a real galaxy far away and long ago? At 1-1 scale you may want to consider a chain drive. You're probably talking metal gears with fairly large teeth.

Welcome to the fold. I too would like to see your droidwork. Love me them R2s.

welcome to LMR! where everyone is awesome!

Welcome and may the force be with you my young padawan ;-)

We got a couple of Astromechs here too and we would be happy to see yours soon. Please start posting details of what you wanna build.


Edit: mogul has a point, posting a nice project with details, pics AND video will bring you tons of responses...

Hi and welcome!

What kind of creations should we expect to see from your hand? Anything on your mind or do you start out soft and roam around to inspirations?

I am working on a two 1 to 1 scale R2-D2 bots at the moment. the first is lightweight and mostly a big RC Car. The second one has the full works on it, every panel will open, some basic auto obstacle avoidance, etc... 

What I could really use some help with from an inspiration and experience perspective is how to build a custom gearbox. I have always just bought them before but now I have some very serious space constraints and power/torque requirements as the 2nd of the two bots will weight in at about 250lbs.

I think you will get better and more interesting responses if you make a robot post here on LMR. People tend to be lazy until they see an actual project unfold.

Then, if your project look cool and/or interesting people will start commenting like they were paid for it!