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Custom Gearbox

Hey all I have built a few small scale bots and am now working on a larger 200lb bot. I was wondering if anyone had constructed their own gearbox for a DC motor. If so how did you do it and what kind of gears did you use?


Thank you for any direction you can supply.


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You have not specified a voltage for the motors although for a robot that size 24V is fairly common. Windscreen wiper motors from Trucks and Busses are a pretty good as far as power in a compact assembly is concerned. I have one with all metal gears and an output torque of 50Kg/cm.

Another alternative although less compact is to use toothed belts and pulleys. They are smoother and quieter than gears.

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Here is two links where you can found some parts or ideas




this next one is in australia, but can be a source of motor models :



Also, you can use the wipers motor, golf cart motors (often 24VDC) or wheelchair motors, all have a strong torque and can be cheap if you buy used.

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http://letsmakerobots.com/node/32683 This unit had a pretty hearty drive mechanism. Custom tank treads and a chain and sprocket drive. It weighs 300 lbs and is made of what he jokingly calls "plytanium" (plywood.). He looks a little like an IPR Marvin to my eye.
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Plytanium is actually a brand name, yo.

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While in reality there are a lot of different ways of moving a 200# robot, for all intents and purposes, there is really only one way:

You're looking for "wheel chair motors" on ebay. If you are lucky, you will score a couple motors and wheels for less than $200. A big SLA battery is $35-50 depending on how big. You can hack the wheel chair's control circuitry (if it comes with it) --if not, you are going to be looking at a very big controller (hundreds of dollars).

Beyond that, I am a fan of chain and sprockets. There is a place called "McMaster Carr" that seems to have everything like this.