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Vote for my Club Jameco Project

I submitted a project to Club Jameco. If the project is approved, Jameco will produce and sell it as a kit, and I'll get a commission fee based on sales. Yay, money.


It's based on a design I came up with years ago. Pressing buttons and moving switches turns the lights on. Which button and switch does what changes based on how you have the switches set. It's a fun little toy.

You can help me out by voting for my project. This will raise its priority so that Jameco will review and approve my design sooner.

To vote, you will have to log in at Club Jameco by creating an account or using your existing one.

  1. Go to Club Jameco
  2. Create an account or log in with your existing one.
  3. Go to Explore Projects
  4. Narrow the results by checking the Games / Toys category on the left.
  5. Look for my project, 'Fun Light Switch Box' by ignoblegnome.
  6. Click the 'VOTE FOR THIS BRIEF' button.


Update 2012-07-30:

Thanks for all the votes! My project is now the forth most voted on Club Jameco, and the most voted in the Games /Toys category.

If you are interested in creating your own project at Club Jameco, you might like to read my blog about the process on GeekDad.

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done :) 

Good luck!!!

Thanks for the well wishes. 

I wrote a short blog piece about my experience so far designing a project at Club Jameco. If you are thinking about designing one yourself, you might want to take a quick read.

Nice blog that gave me everything I needed to know about Club Jameco. 5% is a bit low but for startups I think it's ok...also to see if something can be sold anyway.