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Sunny the RFID lion

Reads RFID tags then plays .wav files, also uses a mic to hear loud nosies.

     This is a copy of the RFID bear on Make. I have however added a few new features in the code like a ram check, a random file player and a sound response. The random file player I adds another dimension to the character. If you would like to make you own it is very easy. This project was made for my wife as she wanted a talking stuffed animal.  If you are not interested in the behavour of the stuffed animal it is easly changable with a few code modifications.  Also do take a look at the final source code it may help you in some other projects you are already currently working on.

Parts list:
A stuffed animal
Ardunio Uno
6-8 cell AA battery holder
serial parallax RFID reader
Adafruit Wave Shield
8 ohm speaker
RFID tags
1 gig SD memory card

sound sensor


Most up to date code and more info.

A guide to making one yourself:  http://makeprojects.com/Project/Charlie ... ear/1411/1

A updated library for the wav shield: http://www.ladyada.net/make/waveshield/download.html

Final video link http://s155.photobucket.com/albums/s291/ollopat/?action=view&current=MOV04020.mp4

The code below works with random files named with like "1.wav" "2.wav".... the wav is already part of the file name so when viewing in windows it will be "1" "2"... all the way to 200. Though this value it easily changed in the code. For the back of Sunny I took him to a local seamstress that sewed on Velcro strips that allowed me to throw in all of the electronics. As for power I'm using rechargeable AA's to run him at the moment which seem to be doing well. If you have any questions please ask below. The code includes the required lines for the RFID and they are tested well the reader I had died on me so I will try and load a new video up with him scanning some tags.

Back of Sunny

This is a picture of the back of sunny showing the on/off switch sticking out of the velcro lined compartment.


Sunny's insides

Most of the internal electronics out for testing.

A more recent change was that I had a old Spark Fun breakout board for a Mems microphone which allowed me to make sunny respond to different noise levels 5 atm. So if you clap your hands to loud next to his ears he will say "ouch Sunny's ears hurt now". I made a video of him responding to noise I created below. As well as the updated code.

Updated battery pack. from a six cell pack to a bettery longer lasting 8 cell pack.


If you have any questions about the build or the code Id be more then happy to help.

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Pretty kewl lion. I was hoping to see in the embedded video what the RFID was used for. I will watch the second included video later to see if I missed something. :)

Yes the second video shows the RFID reader in action, Sunny has about 15 or so RFID tags he respones too.  Like the cup game when you hold up a cup to his belly or ponyo the stuffed animal which has a tag hiding inside its hair.  There's a tag on my wifes keychain as well and a few other random ones.  Its a way for the Sunny to be more interactive with its enviroment without using alot of proccessing power to reconize the object.  The sound sensor is also on the second vidio as well. Later when I get some cash to spend Id like to buy more tags for him.

Not trying to be mean, but how is this relevant to the Robotics project area? It should be filed under "Other"...

A robot in basic terms responds in a certain way to outside stimuli. In this case a sound sensor and a RFID reader monitored by a microcontroller then a .wav file is played.  It may not replace a task done normally by a human but I see quite a few here on this site that dont.  I'm not sure how many sensors and or output motors and or actuators you require to consider something a robot.  Calling this not a robot to me seems like not calling a ferby a robot.