Let's Make Robots!

La Tostadora!

Makes toast

This is my 2nd bot. The first was a tracked obstacle avoidance guy but he lacked personality. When the toaster stopped working I figured it was a good opportunity to make a new one!

The tracks are from a dollar store Erector Set knockoff bulldozer kit and they're powered by 2 hobby servos modified for continuous rotation. 2 other servos control the sensor head. One raises the head and the other rotates it.




I plan on changing the voltage regulator to a DC/DC converter and maybe going with a Tamiya gearbox/tread setup in the future.

If I can pull it off I'd also like to make a mechanism that would raise/lower the wheels or treads into the chassis so he would appear to be a normal toaster until activated.. My own personal transformer!

I don't like the fact that he's 100% defensless in a dangerous world either so I may add a fork launcher to the 2nd slot.











It's controlled by a home made Atmega 328 board that I put together:


I added a video of the head "nodding". I thought it turned out pretty well!


Still a long way to go...


Wow, it's been THREE MONTHS since I worked on la toastadora!  I had to scrap  some of the inside mechanism to make room for retractible treads. So far the mechanisms are coming along but the code is something else...

Under her skirt:



See, she DOES have a figure!




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Gold, pure gold :)

Really great, I loved it!

Haha, dude this is totally awesome, bot idea and I also love the vid at the top as a whole :D

Excellent idea well done.