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Pogo Pins?

First post. Hello everyone.


Not built yet, just getting the parts together right now, but the application is a spider bot inspired heavily by OddBot's Chopsticks.

Yes I know...it's been done a million times by now and old news, but I've never built a legged beasty, so should be fun.


My question is wondering if anyone has used these as feelers(contact switches) on the bottom of the feet?




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Pogo pins are just one conductor-there's no circuit closed or contact made internally when they press against something. The circuit has to include the thing they press against.. The idea is that they make a good electrical contact from a circuit board to a conducting surface- like if your shield didn't have headers and was just fixed in place by screws or something it would have a reliable connection because the springs on the pins pressed the connectors on one board against the circuit traces on the other. Unless you plan to only run the robot on a conductive surface to which it would always be tethered electrically they couldn't even tell you if they were making contact without some serious mods.

Ahhh. Got it.

Back to the heatshrink/tactile switch approach.