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Reacts on sensory input, speaks, shows hand gestures

***Update 04/08/2012***

Some more programming done, see video HEAND_2: Random movements of the hand, touch sensor (integrated in its head), changing eye color when touched.


***Update 02/08/2012***

Testing the IR compound eye and the RGB LED eyes, see video HEAND_1. Next step is to program the touch sensor and multi color pattern for the LED eyes.



I am working since two months on this table top robot. It displays a 2 DOF head with 2 full color RGB LED eyes and a 8 DOF robot hand (6 DOF hand and 2 DOF wrist), hence the fancy name H.E.A.N.D. As it is a table top robot, I have no issues with batteries - I simply use a regulated S-100-5 5 V/20 A power supply, which costs 52 RMB (~8.2 USD) on Chinese ebay called taobao. The robot is equipped with following sensors:

H.E.A.N.D.'s tasks are so far:

  • Object tracking (hardware built, coding done)
  • Reacting on touch by changing eye color (RGB LED eyes as described here)
  • Speech (using a SOMO-14D if I get it working on a Windows 7, 64 bit. Can't even access the website with most VPN connections from China or download any software!!!)
  • Color sensing and speech output
  • Gas sensing and speech output
  • Building a personality according to its experiences and pre-set thresholds
  • Hand gestures
  • Playing Rock-paper-scissors (recognition by color cards?)

Here are some images of the built...

Fig. 1 Hand back view


Fig. 2 Side view of the hand


Fig. 3 Front view of the hand


Fig. 4 Details of the hand. The fingers are made from Ø 10 x 2 mm silicone hose, plastic stand-offs, 1.5 mm aluminium sheet, Ø 0.5 mm fishing line, pushed and pulled by luster terminal inserts, mounted on the servo horns. The servos are digital ones with metal gear, turning 360 °, approx double price of standard 9g micro servos and a few milimeters smaller (normally used for helicopters)


Fig. 5 Construction of the head


Fig. 6 Full color RGB LED eyes construction


Fig. 7 Mechanical setup nearly finished

Fig. 8 Three mini ball castors supporting the turn able wrist


Fig. 9 Aye-Aye Sir! Your wish is my command!

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As it is a table top robot, what will it's duties be? I am guessing that aside from ammusing your daughter it will have a more interresting function such as handing you the salt and papper shakers?

LOL, ammusing my daughter is a tough task. But I like the salt and papper shaker idea :P

Very nice workmanship :D  I'm really looking forward to seeing him in action!


I need some 360 deg servos...

Sure DIY. I made it from a 50 mm dia. waste water PVC pipe and some ABS sheet.

Wow, you are quite productive these days ;-)

Is the head also DIY or what did you use for that?