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avrdude error after bootloading ATmega 168

First of all thanks to LMR,when ever I have posted any topics you guys helped me any way you can.Well there is a little problem I came up with today.

After seeing oddbot's post on bootloading.I decided to bootload an unused chip(ATmega 168).I didn't have any ISP programmer.So I decided to use my arduino severino(Atmega 168,Bootloaded) as ARDUINO as An ISP method.

The targetboard is a  Freeduino   (ATmega 168A-PU

here is the picture

and the board which will upload is the   Arduino Severino   (S3V3)   (ATmega 168-20PU)

I followed every step according to http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP including changing the delay of the heart beat function to 20.and bootloaded successfully.Here is the picture.

after that my freeduino board started blinking.but when I tried to upload on the freeduino board it still contain this error as before

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

So any body with any idea.what is wrong with this?

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I have the same error messsage after attempting to use an UNO to load optiloader on a breadboarded ATMEGA328P.

I'd love some feedback, too!


If you really want to bootload using optiloader I don't have anything to suggest.cause I almost know nothing about that process.

but you can try other methods like ISP progrmmer,or if you have anothe arduino board (doesn't matter if the uploader is ATmega168 or 328) you can try Arduino as ISP.Its simply written on the arduino's website and I got my freeduino bootloaded on the first attemt.

Althogh it took me sometime to figure out the MAX 232CPE was burnt bcoz of my foolishness and the freeduino board's serial port is damged.but the boards I/O ports are fine.I just have to upload the program via the severino.and then puting it back to freeduino again.

***Also if you can give a picture details of your process and the errror,me or someone may able to help you

That has to do with the controller which has to be reset prior to programming. unfortunately on the Uno this is done automatically but on your boards you will need to do this by hand or add the circuitry to the board you are using.

I searched a lot.fixed my problem.

**Which is i was giving 7 voltage on the 5 volt pin.so my freduino boards MAX 232CPE(for serial data transfer is fried.Luckily my programming board was not burnt.

I just plucked the atmega from my freeduino to my severino to upload program.and it is working fine.