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CD Mars Rover Robot Example for CD Rom Robot competition

Moves about

Example robot made out of various CD ROMs.  CDs were machined using a 4 flute 1/16 endmill on my cnc machine and glued together with super glue.

So get building and win prizes.

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So shiny...

The wheels look very sturdy, are you thinking of adding anything to improve traction?

Did you find it hard to machine the CDs without breaking them, or was it relatively easy when using your CNC?

The dvd-rs are put together differenly than a CD or CDR so those ones machined with some difficulty.  Using a 4 flute cutter over a 2 flute helped considerably.  If you are worried about cracking, use masking tape or the like to cover your cut like before cutting.  Opt for more tooth per inch(TPI) blades when using hand or power tools.

Interesting design and a good use for all those useless fried or broken DVD's ;-)

I like the wheels, exactly the right thing for Mars environment.

This is awesome... I love the interlocking pieces.

How strong are those glued joints?

Not too bad.  Everything is doubled up because one layer was a little to flimsy.

Cool. Did you use a different pattern for the 2nd layer so that the joints on one layer are reinforced by uncut CD-ROM material on the other layer?

Yes , the jigsawish pieces alternate for that reason