Let's Make Robots!

engineering phase of my first robot, lot of questions !

Hello everybody,

First of all is a brief description of the robot I dream to built :

- processor ARDUINO

- Outside off-road (on the grass of my back yard), night and day

- completely autonomous guardian robot ( to chase the squirles off my vegetables garden)

- auto-recharging by bay charging station and also solar panel (I live in California, a lot of sun)

- loaded with some weapon like sound, light or projectiles.

- eventually the option to install a camera and R/C command (for the fun)


The questions :

- where to find a goods cheap wheels big enough to drive the green (grass 4 inches tall) ?

- is it better to choose the battery first and challenging the robot the "enter" in the Ah, or do the complete robot and after mesuring the amps necesary ?


thx for your answers, see you in a bit for more question.


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What are you planning on using for homing? Indoors it's usually IR, but outside that will be useless.

Bellow is the processing diagram of the charging function for my robot, using a solar panel, and dock charging station.


It's only the process, not a shematic of the system, you are not going to see how that going to work, not yet. But I have my ideas about how to do.

here is the sequence I have in my mind about how the robot acting in the backyard :

- with no intrusion : patrolling every where in the backyard.

- with an intrusion : moving quickly close to the stranger, disuade the stranger to leave, if not aiming and shooting.


This is the bases comportments of my robot, I need to enter in details to find the appropriate sensors and solutions.

How do you plan to have it sense them for purposes of the chase? As for the wheels, look at this base as a possibility in stead: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wide-Robot-track-unit-base-with-rubber-tracks-6-volt-motors-2-gear-drives-FAST-/350552493661?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item519e8e8e5d It's pretty much from the old RAD robots but ought to be able to carry the kind of batteries you need and DigiSys and I have both used them with good results. The tracks might or might not be an advantage in your garden terrain.