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TinHead and ignoblegnome meet up in NYC

TinHead let it be known that he'd be in the NYC area this weekend following some company training. I couldn't resist the opportunity to meet him in person.

After some communications challenges, we met up in Times Square and then walked down to Bryant Park for some overpriced beer. (Drinks are pretty pricey in NYC.) We were accompanied by TinHead's four lovely co-workers, who were very nice. 

Later we had some food and more drinks on a rooftop bar in midtown. We tried to get into the Sky Room, which is the tallest rooftop bar in Manhattan. Unfortunately, several of us were under-dressed, and we were turned away. We found another rooftop bar that suited us just fine, only a couple of blocks away.

We hung out until about 11:30. Then TinHead and the ladies took off to go explore the Empire State Building, and I headed to the train station and for home.

I had a great time and I hope everyone else did too. 

TinHead, if you send me some of the pictures taken with your camera, I'll add them to this post.

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Thanks for the great time Andrew I'll get you the pictures as soon as I get to download them at home. We've been up the empire states at aroud 12 am, a real blast :-) 


Thanks to you as well. Have a good trip home.

LMR stands for "Lets Meet Roboteers"

Definitely need more photos.

Your interpretation of LMR is very cool...I need to remember this ;-)

LMR rocks!!! it brings people around the world together in a very specific way. I like that very much. I also got the opportunity to meet (up to now) two fellow LMRians...OddBot and MarkusB...



...and the next will be TinHead and asome other of you guys too :-) but not in Manhattan but in Berlin ;-)

Those posts of your definitely helped inspire this one. Meeting up with other LMRians is great.

I wish I could make it to Berlin with you guys. Maybe next time. Have a great time and take lots of pics and video.

IG, i am sure we will meet anywhere anytime ;-) The world is not that big anymore to make things like that happen.

Wow! Nice to meet TinHead, I wish I could be there too. Oh, and IG, you look like a musketeer!


ALABTU! All for one and one for all!