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Hello anyone have circuit diagram to control motors with remote?

I want circuit diagram for controlling the Dc motors with remote control. Range of control can be about 5meters.

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Lets assume you are using 2 arduinos and 2 X-bees:

  • TX (arduino) --> RX (X-bee)
  • RX (arduino) --> TX (X-bee)
  • 3.3v and ground to the xbees

That's it for wiring. Now, if you are using an arduino at 5v, it may be wise to add some 10k resistors to your connections or use an X-bee shield that does level shifting from 5v to 3.3v. Personally, I have always just used resistors and never had a problem.

From there, it is just a matter of writing code for each arduino so one is a transmitter and one is a reciever.


Thank you chris but what i am trying to make is a quadcopter which flies in air and its control is on the wireless remote.

Ok, to do what you want to do, you are going to need to learn quite a bit. You need to start very simply and then, as you learn, make things more complicated. No one here can "tell you how to make a remote" unless they build and code it for you. Before you go any further, you need to ask yourself a question:

Do you want to learn about the hobby of robotics and work to your goal, or do you simply want a remote control for your quadcopter? If you just want a quadcopter, great! Go buy one. If you want to get into electronics, Great! --But you are not going to be building remotes for quadcopters anytime soon. This is like asking someone to tell you "how to build a car". --There are MANY MANY small steps you must take to get to your goal.

Now, if I have not scared you off, welcome to the hobby of robotics. The first thing to do is get an Arduino, a breadboard and a LED. Get that LED to flash on-and-off and you are on your way.

Chirs! I am electronics engineering final year student an i am familiar with the electronics components and am able to design different instument as well. But here I am seeking help only for the remote control which should be wireless.

Ok, do you speak Arudino? Do you know Picaxe basic? 

Have you ever written code for a micro controller before?

Yes, I can write codes for AVR Atmega

Have you ever send data via a serial connection? 

yes ofcourse i have done LCD interfacing and manymore


Add an xbee on each end, add a couple joysticks to the transmitting Atmega and send off the values. 

which sensor may i use to transmit the data from main PCB to remote control