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LMR point

I don't know if it is proper to write this topic in here.also if someone has posted it already then forgive me.

What about a New Point System (Which we will call LMR point or something like that).Users can give a maximum of

5 point to all the latest robots,walkthroughs etc.Except for the Senior Fellows who can give a maximum of 10 LMR point (like oddbot,fritz,ignoblegnome) which the Administrator will decide.

Each weak or month there will be a highest score (in robots or forum topics)based on that point.and this point wil also be added on the users achievement.

This idea came to my mind as I play Fantasy premiere league.

I think this will be fun and all the LMRIANS will be inspired more for new creation.

What do you guys think?plz reply.

**I haven't thought on what basis will the points will be given if it really starts,or if there will be any point catagory(like unique ness,clean circuit,new idea) .You guys decide.

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Max is right but I would adapt that idea to another system.

We could vote for the robot of the month by marking them (only one mark for each member) and the one with the most "points" wins and willbe displayed exclusively on the start page for one week or month.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.guys.both of you are too much right about your point.I should have thought that way.