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Artificial Intelligence Questionaire

Hi Guys,

I'm new to robots etc. I am currently doing a school project on artificial intelligence and wanted to do some research. I thought why not go talk to the experts so here I am. I have already done some background research and already know the general definition but part of the project requires me to gain information from a range of sources. This is a kind of questionaire/interview to gain new sources from experts.

Could you please explain in your own way "What is Artificial Intelligence?" and "How can you prove when a robot has AI?". Please make the answers as detailed as possible.

My chosen project is to design and create a robot (i.e line follower) and discuss whether or not it posseses AI. 

Also could you suggest a robot ( line follower or maze solver) which would be closest to AI in order for me to raise a good discussion.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm not so sure that a behaviour emerging that wasn't programmed = consciousness. Don't mix the two up. As for whether consciousness can ever be attained in a machine, I wouldn't like to try and predict that one.

I have to disagree with your evolution thesis. A bacteria/amoeba/worm/frog can also evolve but is it intelligent? ALL live forms going through an evolution but the most of them are not intelligent (at least how we define it). 

Right is that all starts with DNA so it's a basic element of evolution but not intelligence.

Evolution is for sure a necessity for an intelligent lifeform. Evolution means also diversity and it is clear that not all lifeforms can have the same level of intelligence, because there are going through different kind of evolutions. Just imagine, one cosmic ray can trigger a mutation of a cell and therefore a different evolution. Evolution is a necessary condition for intellegent lifeform, but not a sufficient condition.

In my opinion it is a misbelif, human beings have a free will, can 'rewrite their program' anytime. We are controlled by complex chemical processes (hormons etc.), we have inherent reflexes, mode of behaviours. Life is a chemical process. Chemistry is the physics of the atomic shell, speak quantum mechanics. I strongly believe that all necessary information of life are already existent in the atoms. A chemical compound, how complex it may be, can only have the information of the atoms it is build of. It is just a matter how complex a chemical compound needs to get to be considered as lifeform and how complex to be considered as intelligent.

There was an experiment of Benjamin Libet. It showed that the consciousness of an event is delayed 500 ms, but according to his theory the human brain dates the event back so it looks like the event happened coincident. Also action purposes are already preluded 350 ms by the subconsciousness before the action purposes getting conscious . If the theory is right, we are more controlled by our subconsciousness as we think. And we know, we can not control our subconsciousness and therefore 'rewrite our program'.

100% agree with your explanation Markus, yes that's it!!!

I consider an AI to be sentient. Anything else in my opinion would be a VI (virtual intelligence). Lets say a VI is something which appears to possess intelligence but in reality is just following a pre determined set of rules and actions then your example of a line follower would indeed be a VI (infact most bots here would be)

You should not mix up VI and AI since both is the same just another interface. A VI interacts with screen & audio and an AI with actuators & audio.

The result of a question (where is the airport) to a VI would be that you get shown a picture/map or hear the answer by speech synthesis.

The result of the same question asked to an AI could be that it shows you the way by pointing at it with the robot hand.

I can see what you are getting at and it does make sense. I cannot disagree as I can't say I have heard much about virtual intelligence.
But where does the turing test fit into that definition as it is always computer based with a screen and is the default test for AI at the moment.

I don't know if you created the term but I like it.


It sounds great.

Plus, I totally agree with the distinction and the wording.

Copyright it or I will do it!

Some of the best work in AI comes from google. Whan clumsy tpyist like me serch... It still understands what I mean. lol.

I think AI is a moving goal. What we once would have considered incredulous is now taken for granted. I agree that behaviours emerging that were not programmed is an acceptable measure for AI but also like to consider any form of automated/algorithmic  thinking as AI in a simpler sense.

Sophisticated AI is after all only a combination of algorithms which are each automated thinking. A calculator is an example of automated thinking and while it is not by itself a favourable example of AI, mathematical calculations are a necesary part of all algorithms.

On the other hand as mathematics originate from the human mind then perhaps making a machine calculate is a form of Artifical intelligence.

Just look at how manufacturers of some products use the word "intelligent" in their promotion of their product. Most of the time this is purely a formula computed to adjust some value in the system.

Whenever I think about this question I find it difficult to pinpoint exactly the right answer. We all have our favourite robots from movies, books and cartoons with personality. And so I guess the question of consciousness comes to mind. Is it possible to create a conscious robot and is this the ultimate when it comes to AI?