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Project Takeo - Update


So here's my first attempt to build something that resembles a robot, this is just, let's say a pre-alpha version, as it's controlled via a simple Visual Vasic program via pc so it needs physical connections to the pc, the next step will be an autonomous version with an IR sensor, and the last version will be a remote controlled one.

It's moved by two micro metal gearboxes powered by a lead-acid battery 6v 4Ah, they are controlled by a toshiba driver and all the thing is handled by an Arduino Uno R3.

P.S. sorry for my bad English, I'm Italian :P



Here's a little video to show you how the robot and the Visual Basic program work!



Another little video to show the robot controlled by a SNES joystick, next step will probably be adding the IR sensor and maybe one or two more axis for the tracks as Stormbringer suggested. It will probably be the last update to this project

The board and Arduino

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This is a great first robot! I'm not sure how you program an arduino in visual basic but very cool!

thanks!! however I didn't use visual basic to program the arduino, just to control it via the serial port, for the arduino I used its own IDE! I hope to post a video sooner or later to show how it works!

Very nice...


I had experience with these tamiya tracks. One advice: if you put another 2 or 3 axis in the middle, you will get less friction, making the robot easy to turn without compromise the ability to transpose obstackes...

like these one:

here's mine(the batteries was almost depleted when I record this video):

Thanks for the advice! I'll try adding those axis or at least one more!




Hello! I'm trying to connect the SNES control with Arduino, already searched the internet and I did the same, however, is not working ... could you give me a help, I've done tests with codes I found in internet, but nothing worked?

PS sorry for my bad English.

I'm connecting as follows:


NES Pin                    Arduino  Pin

STROBE / LATCH ---- Digital 2

CLOCK -------------------- Digital 3

DATA ---------------------- Digital 4

+5 V  ---------------------- +5 V

GND  ---------------------- GND


Hello, could you tell me please how to make the VB program to respond to direction keys?, I made my own, but i control my robot clicking on the buttons of my app. Using keyboard keys would be a nice improvement!