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Speider Robot and sensitive robotic arm

I search in google and also ask in this forum.

I search information like sites / books / youtube education videos after how to build an hexapod with six legs that every leg have 3 servo motors and one chip that control all these servo motors also I search after projects that used hexapod.

Also I search information after information on how to do that the hexapod will can to interface to others sensors and accessories.

And also about robotics arms that can catch some sensitive objects without squash it like how to catch fruits with robotics arm?     

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One controller you could use is the Spider controller. It is compatible to the Arduino Mega and can drive up to 48 servos at once. It has a special shield PCB that allows you to drive servos that are powered directly from a NiMh or LiPo battery. The onboard switchmode power supply can deliver 5V @3A to power sensors and miniature servos directly from an input between 7V-24V.

I have used this controller before for a 12DOF Hexapod and a 29DOF Octopod called "Chopsticks".
To catch sensitive objects I would look at using a net. Perhaps a net like glove to suit a robot hand?