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I know like you guys, you are a scavenger, like me, we love that, we save a lot of money, and always expect have enough space to stock everything we can found.  Unfortunelly, around us, nobody understand why we save a lot of things.


But, I have a major question, I expect a lot of answers from everybody :

In my town I have 3 thrift store, with a lot of stuff, by experience what do you think is the type of printer (laser, jet, pin) I need to scavenge to found a good practical robotics parts ?



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I think some of the best appliances that you can get are old printers (both inkjet and laser)

The larger and older the printer the better. Older printers have more useful components because they are generally built by assembling various modules. Newer printers are not meant to be serviceable and they are more tightly integrated with less sensors and motors.

Now, my question is, how do you organize your junk pile? I have some serious problems with my junk pile, it starts to grow out of the allocated space (an entire room) and I can never find anything in there :)

How do you guys deal with this problem?

my organisation ?

each pcb is checked, the interesting components are unsolded, then stock in the "untested component", datasheet is downloaded if I can find it.

All of mecanic are arrange in boxes by categories : gears, motors, pinions ...

no comment to your question LOL

... are probably the best to scavenge 

Then pin printers and then inkjets. 

Best deal is to find more printers of the same brand and model number because else you will end up with lots of unpaired parts. I have a box of motors none of them same type/size :/ 

It depands what you want. I guess laser printers does not have much belt drives or stepper motors. Inkjet and needle printers does have them.


You might like to view this video to see what can be scavenged from a photocopying machine.


thanks, it was very interresting.  Also the british guy is funny

is from Australia :)

I find his videos really funny and informative, although he sometimes talks too much :)