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printed circuit

what is your best tools for your printed circuits :

- Softwares if you use for the design ?

- what paper or plastic phot if you print it ?

- what photobox (home made joint a picture, please) if you did ?

- what product did you use (board, revelator, acid, ...) ?

- If you didn't your circuit yourself, where did you order ?



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thanks for your lantern, I found this website to help me too.

Unfortunelly I don't have the laser toner printer ... yet ... lol ... she is going to not be happy ... lol !



With the time SHE will just get over it, don't worry... I guess 80% of us are facing the same problem :-)


I bit her !

I when to my local thrift store (my alibaba cavern) and comeback with a HP laserjet 4200 for $22 !



The print look like I need a new toner (clear band vertical), but for 22 buck, if that doesnt work, should be a fun scavenging time !





in case, I found that on EBAY




DipTrace or Eagle (I use both for different reasons)

Use REAL toner transfer paper (starch-based) --I have never had good luck with photo paper or magazines (others will tell you differently)

I have no idea what the hell a "photo box" is (something for photo-reactive coatings maybe?)

I use whatever blank board I can get cheap on ebay

I use Feric Chloride from Radio Shack


Now, that said, I will never chemically etch another board as long as I live. I can mill boards more easily on the CNC --but really, I don't do that either. Unless I need something RIGHT NOW, I use DorkBot PCB for slightly more expensive boards (but a 2 week turn around) and I use itead studios for all my super-cheap-but-takes-a-month boards (my production boards)

When are you using Diptrace and when are you using Eagle?
Is there things you can do one that you can't do in the other?

Its pretty simple, really. I still prefer DipTrace and I use it as my "standard". Eagle however, has a plugin you can add that will ouput G-code (for the CNC mill) directly. I can mill from Diptrace, but I have to import the file into another program as deal with it as if it were an image (convert and send to the CNC). With eagle, I just draw up the board, hit "run" on one menu item and one minute later I have g-code files for the top, bottom and drill layers of the board (ready to cut).