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MRL - 3D Point Cloud

Put the video up - now got to join the points into a mesh - turn the mesh into a continuous space polygon which will wrap all possible space to move in - and use LKOptical tracking to anchor it to the "real world" ... then we'd be slamm'n

Hi LMRians.  Just thought I might show you the latest software I'm working on in MRL .


HSV depth version

This is a new OpenNI Service in MRL - thanks to DancesWithRobots .  Currently, I'm getting it to do a high density point cloud visualization.  The results are displayed (realtime) in a Java3D view pane.  Here's my office floor & door.  I've several more features to work on (HSV color coding to depth, RGB image overlay, scaling, density control, sharing data with OpenCV, etc) before making a (the holy grail) SLAM service. Yay !  (good little elves habe been busy)

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Ya... I broke out for a while..

I've gotten MRL to run on a Chumby - I think that was 533Mhz Arm with 64Megs - I've also run it on my Phone which has a bit more "oomphff" than the Chumby.

The way MRL is designed you can load just the services your interested in, so a webcam streamer & remote control I think would be well within the realm of possibilities.

What does "Linux Board" mean ?   "Rasberry Pi" ?  Also, if you can give me details on the hardware, e.g. is some Arduino clone in the mix, I can probably be of more use..   Almost every service in MRL can be headless (exception is the GUIService .. duh), also instances can connect and pool resources .. kindof like a peer to peer network.  When you say remote control, where is your control coming from?  Desktop, laptop, phone, all? 

Looks good...  
What state is it all in?  Have you booted it?  Logged in?  Is Java really already on it ?  I had to load a JVM on the Chumby's BusyBox OS manually. How do you currently interface with it via serial line, or network ssh ?

Its got 1 usb port - I take it your going to put a hub on it to get wifi & webcam ?