Let's Make Robots!

Jeffrey The Quadruped

It is a pet. It can stay on tables without falling, navigates around via IR sensor, interacts with people

Hey guys,
Just found out about LMR and wanted to share some of the robots we have made in past. (so, I will post 4-5 more projects soon)

Jeffrey The Quadruped is a quite small walker with 4 legs. It has printed circuit board with a custom arduino setup, using an Atmega328.
It has a Sharp IR Rangefinder attached on 2 servos and uses a simple rotational object tracking algorithm to let him create temporary low resolution visual maps. This way it can stay on a table, stay away from objects and even track your hands with a single sensor.
Programmed it to be a pet robot. It can interact with humans at a very low (but cute) level.

Here are some more photos:

And some photos from the first prototype (before the casing and printed circuit board):

Planning to build a dock for it to automatically charge itself in future.


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Kinda reminds me of bamby and his first steps.  

i love this thing.

Cool. I look forward to meeting your new boy. It was a look at Jeffrey's personality stuff that I was keen on. Oh, and info on how you connected the buzzer. I want to give Hexy some personality when he arrives. A happy noise and a grumpy noise for starters.

please upload the arduino code!! great job!!!


It was pretty much the arduino code that I was after too.  If it happened to be annotated into the bargain that would be GREAT!  I'm a total noob at arduino coding, so being able to look at (read: probably steal) other people's robotic code would be awesome.  This design is very cool, and I think it may be used in a planned pet robot - though with different cues for certain behaviours.

Also, some pics of how the legs are attached to the body (and which servos you used).  I have been humming and harring about whether to use legs or wheels in my pet.  I was thinking legs might be too difficult, but these appear to be only 1DOF, and yet still allow him to move relatively well.

Thanks for posting him - he's a cute little dude.  I especially like that he makes noises.  It's almost like a 'purr'.  :)

Hey guys, sorry for the late reply! I have been working on a new robot, pretty much shut myself to the world.

Of course, I will send you the code (once I get to my computer at house), but keep in mind that the code is specifically written for jeffrey's body. it would require lots of trimming and fixing even if you make a similar structure.  

hey thats great! 


He's very cute!  Awesomely cute.  I'd love to build one of these - looks ot be within my capabilities (perhaps) - though some more in depth info would help a lot!  Hint, nudge...  oh, who am I kidding ... Pleeeeeeease *begs*

I wish I did a complete documentation of the building process. Are there any specific subject that you want to know?

Awesome....more, more, more please ;-)

Could you try to explain how the mapping is working? Does it require a EPROM to save data or do you just store it in te memory?

What servos are you using? With my Chopstick Junior I got some broken after a while...yeah, that cheap 9g servos...