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Free PCBs looking for a good home

I accidently sent the wrong Gerber files when I ordered some PCBs from http://iteadstudio.com/ so now I’m stuck with 14 boards that I don’t need.
Lesson to be learned : Don’t order PCBs late at night after a 6-pack of beer…

This was my first DipTrace project and I do believe they work. I have not tested the board in detail as I had started another project when they arrived. These are the same boards that I mentioned here

A brief description of the board:

  • Uses a PICAXE 18M2
  • An SN75441ONE (or an L293D) H-bridge
  • Programming interface broken out to 3 pins
  • Most of the pins broken out to a header
  • Headers for 5 servos
  • Power regulator for the servo power (no cap’s so I don’t know if it works)

I have attached the schematic

So I’m giving away 14 boards for FREE. Just send me you shipping address via the contact form http://letsmakerobots.com/user/10562/contact and I’ll send you one. If more than 14 people shows interest I’ll probably make a draw or something.

PS. This is just the blank board and nothing else, with no guarantee whatsoever.


SMC.pdf34.52 KB

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Just got it in the mail,

Its a very good looking board. 

Thank you very very much.

I hope it works :-)

The only problem i encountered is that the hole's for the resistors are to small, only one of the three resistors fits.

Do you know how i can put the other two in??

I had no problems with regular 1/4W resistors.
How can one fit and not the other two?

I don't know the first one i had to pull a little bit with a needlenose plier but the other two just wouldn't fit.

I must admit that the footprint used for the resistors on that PCB is a bit on the small size. The drill bit used is small and the solder pads should be bigger.
I have changed the footprint for other (new) designs, but as this was my first PCB I didn’t notice it then.
Are you sure that you are using 1/4W resistors?
I might just send you some resistors or even solder some on a new board :-)

I dont know of they are 1/4W resistors i just got this box with resistors.

How is this size compared to your resistors?

It's the same size but i have a different color code, i have yellow-purple-red-gold. and thats the 4.7k resistor

I'll send you this card next week so you can get started.