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move along fixed axis, pick up, and drop objects. Locomotion in closed range.

This the third bot I am posting here. Its not very amazing but still love to post here to get comments about how I can improve it.

*sorry for any unclear pictures

This an electro-magnetic cranewhich works on simple polarity concepts.

There is a servo underneath(Which I have upgraded for continuous rotation) and a dc motor over that.

U can see in this picture: 


This setup gives the funcionality of a DOF servo bracket.

I have connected 2 push buttons through a breadboard for the vertical movement.

The horizontal movement is controlled by merely connecting wires to coins. (In the crane, I have attached two nails to the two terminals of servo through wires and coins are conected to the battery so that I can easily change the direction of movement by interchanging the nails.) :P

Here are the breadboard connections:

The picture must have explained it better.!


The electro magnet can be controlled by the on-off switch attached for picking up and dropping items wherever it is supposed to be....


The switch and connection:   

(I didn't have a 9V battery available so clicked without that.. well, the I will stick the battery on the other end of the 'scale' and connect it directly to the switch)


Some more pics:


P.S. -> the wheels are completely manual. they are just sopposed to let the crane move by applying force.