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problem: servo turns to right when motors engage

Hi all,

I'm trying to make the start here robot with the 18m2 starter kit and I've encountered a problem.

With the current setup, whenever the motors turn on, the servo turns to as far right as possible then back again after they've stopped. I'm using a slightly modified version of the code on the start here page and even when I take all servo commands out of the code this problem still occurs. However, when I run the code without the motors plugged in this problem does not occur.

Can anyone help me?


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It sounds like a power problem, do you have separate fully charged powersources for your controller and another dedicated to your servos and motors ?

Here is why -





Duane B


My 2 motors each run on 3 volts and the servo at 4.8, so do you think i need an extra power source of 6ish volts? (the servo doesn't move at the same time as the motors) this would just be a pain for the design