Let's Make Robots!

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lumi's picture

Well, it's not a surprise that you always get these awesome ideas. Really nice work Gareth!

MetalmonkeeLad's picture

you've always been the artsy guy :)

ignoblegnome's picture


Also, you are now officially LMR's Mad Scientist in Residence. 

OddBot's picture

Don't encourage him other wise the next post might be how he re-animates a frankfurter followed by a news story of a monster sausage terrorizing Switzerland :p

Maxhirez's picture
Dang it Oddbot, you just took all the surprises out of my next project. (something like this but with a bovine/porcine heart instead of a frog.
Maxhirez's picture

With such a vicious limpet are you sure you want to be testing it within earshot of children?  What if it started singing Sex Pistols songs?

Gareth's picture
Hmmmm. "SID the Vicious Limpet" ....tnx reverend Maxhires ...this is gonna stick.
Maxhirez's picture
Awe yeah!
Gareth's picture

Not one Nay in site ...... guess you guys have lobotomised Limpets before

kariloy's picture

Very yes!