Let's Make Robots!

"SID the Vicious Limpet"

Grazes the Sea-Grass

So far so good..... early dremel dentistry indicates that its viable and worth pursuing .......

However i need some ......

More-ality Voting :-

..... Are you a "Limpet" and squeamish  ......  vote "Nay" to be disappointed......

... or are you a "Hungry Seagull" ready to pick the spoils ....... vote "Aye" to get rewarded with some fish.....



Looks like the "Ayes" have it........

First Etape - Solarization.

Conclusion :- You would not want to bump into this on the sea bed..

Alas this version has already "Sunk" . it sported a 1 Farad capacitor miller engine, though in retrospect it would have been better with a 500υf and faster discharge timing.......just to give that grazing on the seagrass look



Second Etape :- Dual Motors - propeller chip - XBee controlled

Now this is getting more like it....

... admittedly all the gubbings need to be shoehorned "into the box"

I used this set up just to test the custom (Nightmarish) motor gearing system... and indeed its no sea-slug.

...plan is to use an 08M picaxe and RFlink or TV-Remote and some mini lipo batteries and there is enough room inside the shell to make this possible.



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Aye, even I don't know what to expect :-) But as you always got ideas beyond imagination I am very comfortable with that AYE :-)

Another Aye here :)  As soon as I saw this I started to think of lobster shells as well.  Being alergic to seafood however I won't be the one building it



Here we go again! Another artistic, robot based adventure with the big G.


Aye aye captain G.

Very, very strange.  I've just spent the last couple of hours inserting LEDs into a snail shell, I come downstairs, log on to LMR and look what's top of the page!  (Only mine was one of THESE.)

Yeah .....way to go........

Yes, yes, leds will be appearing on the limpet too..... however they will be used to waste some power going to the drive mech to slow it down a tad,

The shell is 4mm thick on top and took a bit of shaping ... so the thought of drilling more holes pains me more than the limpet.....


We'll talk about morality later...