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Tri-wheel stair climber

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I read that book. It does seem to have the same form as the vehicle on the cover. Damnation Alley, holy.

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Ultimately I am working on a balancing robot using a Tri-wheel. This would not need the center pivot.

i needed this and i still do... i dunno what it is called so when i look for it i had to describe it and i always end up being shown a random set of gears

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this is cool


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Please give us a video. It'll be nice to see it in action.

One thing I'm not able to understand is, why will the wheels turn forward and "climb onto the next stair". Also, can't this be done by 2 sets of tri wheels instead of 4 (you have 4 motors mounted to your chassis).

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This is a work in progress. I am waiting for more tires to arrive.  Yes, you could use only two tri-wheels if the robot is a balacing robot. That is my next project. For now I am using 4 wheels for simplicity.