Let's Make Robots!

Pinky, a super simple analog robot

follows light


Just found out about LMR a week ago and I've learned so much already! This is a great community and a big thanks to all the people contributing to the various tips and tutorials, they are very helpfull.

Meet Pinky, he is trying to take over the world without the brain.

I have been messing with electronics and especially diy synthesizers for some years now and I decided it was time to get something to move instead of just making sounds. Pinky is the result of an experiment I did about a year ago to control a simple robot with circuits normally used in synthesizers. Here is a video of the first one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pC42k6FOU4&feature=g-upl


Pinky uses the CD4093 cmos ic as a series of linked low frequency oscillators. This generates a pseudo random pattern wich drives both the speaker and the motors and keeps things from getting boring. The steering is done by feeding the pattern into a light dependent resistor wich then feeds power to the opposite motor through a TIP122 power transistor. Future plans include a servo controlled flashlight with pre-programmed patterns and some more variations with other synth circuitry.

Besides this super simple analog robot Im also very familiar with arduino and I've already started a 2 wheeled robot and Im designing my first quadruped. 



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Well done

I like the overall design and pseudo-random sounds in particular :-)

What a inspiring debut of you here on LMR. Thank you for sharing. Collected!

I really like the analog values on the speaker. This noise gives this little Pinky a lot of personality.

Cool little robot there Tjookum, some of the sounds remind me of a real cicada =)

"Just found out about LMR a week ago and I've learned so much already already"
I think you have already taught us or reminded us something with Pinky as well. How important sound is to animate your creation. I loved Pinky. The behaviour is very lifelike. I imagined his voice as thinking aloud, lol. Welcome and I look forward to your interpretations of a 2 wheeler and quadraped.

I initially made it without the speaker but Im very glad I added it later, it really helps in giving him some character.

Im looking forward to trying out different synthesizer schematics with robotics, some of the concepts are very similar. 

"Meet Pinky, he is trying to take over the world without the brain."


kinda like politicians! :P


nice work, keep it up.