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LMR Celebrity Look-Alikes (from Featured Video of 8/14/2012)

Author's note:
In my defense, I am being treated for poly-endocrine cancer and as a result there are often spans of days where the only way I can engage in this hobby is to lay in bed with the iPad in my lap and hope to see familiar handles in the shoutbox, or new art from NilsB or Gareth, etc.  So if you're thinking "Doesn't he have anything better to do?" when you read this, the answer is "Yes, but he can't."

Author's Fiancé's note:
He didn't look sick to me when he was writing this.

So as I was watching this video, it occurred to me that I kept thinking I was seeing certain celebrities taking the places of my more familiar comrades. Here's what I got:
:12 Benjamin Bratt (JAX)
:16 John Favreau (Frits)
1:44 Mark Wahlberg (JAX)
1:50 David Duchovney (Frits)
3:25 Joseph Gordon Levitt (JAX)
4:04 Gary Sinise (JAX)

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