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Shoot target, Spin very fast, Flexible mobilization

V.I.P.E.R—IRS 3G( Very Intelligent Paired Enhanced Robot—Indonesia Robot Shooter 3rd Generation) is a mobile weapon platform robot. It has many functions it can change human in Olympiad, war, and be an anti– terror. I get the idea to make this robot from watching TV and googling about terrorist. Aluminum & aluminum base profile for the material, Automatic gun (AEG) for the weapon. Switch to make it safety from short circuit, 4 DC Motors LE for the motor so it can be move fast like a running soldier, RF RC 2,4 GHz ( Radio Frequency Remote Control 2,4 GHz ) to control it so I can control it from far distance. This robot was friendly user and safety, So it can be use by men or women, young or old, beginner or expert, etc. Hope we can enhance it to be better than now :D

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I noticed at the end of the video you had it firing full auto and went to turn and the bot did a quick 360 o_0

Be careful out there

Thank you for your information and suggestion sir :)

I do love that paint job. Excellent.

Hmm its a Cromo Sticker, Got some inspiration from Indonesia National Army uniform pattern lol :) . Now I've already changed its with black sticker ( Indonesia Special detachment for anti terror 88 ) :)

Interesting concept.  Would need modification for a real gun.  The kick  back from one shot would turn the platform over backwards.


Think of a real tank as low to the ground with low gun.  this helps keep the tank from being knocked around.




Maybe a shock absorbtion system could reduce the kick onto the platform. Of course, a lower Center of Gravity, Lower gun mounting position, and a wider base will help. Maybe even having the robot programmed to drive backwards at full speed for a split second, to counter act the force at the top.

Thank you sir for your attention and information :)

Thank you sir for your attention and information :)