Let's Make Robots!

Send your robot to Maker Faire

Can't make it to Maker Faire this year?

Maybe your robot can!

Last year, quite a few people sent their robots to me to be displayed at Maker Faire. They were a big hit! I even made up some shirts to thanks some of the folk that sent robots from far away.


This year, guibot and the great team over at artica.cc sent me one of their Magabot tele-presence robots. It just arrived and it is really cool. I can't wait to get is all set up. Maybe some of you can come to Maker Faire via tele-presence. More on that later...


In the mean time, if you would like your robot to come to Maker Faire, even without you, please comment below or PM me quickly. There's still time, but the longer you wait, the less likely you'll be able to ship it to me on time!

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Damn you Frits, your so photogenic. I'll have to try and smile next time I wear a shirt from Maker Faire.

Don't feel too bad, OddBot. I frame grabbed that shot of Frits from a video, so I had lots of frames to choose from. 

OK, I finally got all the DoodleBot code debugged so he can write all the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0-9. You can even change the size of the text although even the smallest size is letters about 120mm (5 inches high).

I will try and send you a couple next week.

Perhaps if Lumi is back from Berlin in time he can send you the big LMR banner.


Regarding the banner, I do have a 6 foot LMR banner I made up for Maker Faire last year. So if it is difficult/expensive to send the banner, no problem.

On the other hand, we may wind up with one permanent display space for our table, and another larger space for teaching the workshops. So a 2nd banner might be very handy. ; j

I could send you the TBT http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27218 if you like.
Representing the NETMF and 3D printing part of robot building :-)

Love that robot, Geir. You might not get it back! (Just kidding.) ; j

Actually if I pay for the materials, would you include an extra set of 3D printed parts for that robot? That's assuming the extra weight does not increase the shipping cost much.

You’re putting me on the spot here ignoblegnome. But no I will probably not print you a copy, -sorry.
But if you still want me to send you the robot I would need an address.

Didn't mean to put you on the spot.

Did you read Chris' reply? He'll have a 3D printer at the faire, and has offered to print up on of your timing belt tanks for me. So probably no need to ship.

It appears that I have found a sutiable box for my new aluminum Printrbot... It shall accompany me to the Great Maker Faire!

Seems to make sense that I simply print you one whilst we are there. Word to ya motha!

P.s. Geir, your stuff rocks. I printed your XY table and converted it for NEMA 23's. I also did your PCB clamps on 6mm rods. Both flippin' brilliant! I am trying to find a small case for the XY table, I hope to bring it with me as well. I am going to hook it up to a NunChuck so people can draw pictures.--I am just finishing up my super-post on the new printer, it should be up soon.

Chris is printing off a couple of Geir's TBT robots!