Let's Make Robots!

Send your robot to Maker Faire

Can't make it to Maker Faire this year?

Maybe your robot can!

Last year, quite a few people sent their robots to me to be displayed at Maker Faire. They were a big hit! I even made up some shirts to thanks some of the folk that sent robots from far away.


This year, guibot and the great team over at artica.cc sent me one of their Magabot tele-presence robots. It just arrived and it is really cool. I can't wait to get is all set up. Maybe some of you can come to Maker Faire via tele-presence. More on that later...


In the mean time, if you would like your robot to come to Maker Faire, even without you, please comment below or PM me quickly. There's still time, but the longer you wait, the less likely you'll be able to ship it to me on time!

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Are you coming to NY or some other venue? It'd be great to meet you in person.

NY Maker Faire. :)

Awesome! Love to catch up with you. 

What's your involvement in Cognizent?

They gave me a scholarship and are now paying for me to go to Maker Faire. They will have a booth for kids with 3D printing, Arduino stuff, and 2D vector graphics.


If there's time I might send you a small robot this time. Chopsticks is a bit big to be going out all the time. When is it?

September 29-30.

It'd be awesome if you sent a robot again this year!

And I'll probally come too.  =)


I really hope to see you there!