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Blip 2.0

Navigate around via ultrasound and IR
blip_clean_untested_code_8-10a.bas6.16 KB
blip_clean_tested_code_8-20.bas8.32 KB

This is a small autonomous Rover. It uses spare sensors for navigation and a lot of scrap material for the body. Some code change fixed the slight right hitch you see in the video and increased turn accuracy. The robot will run into walls if given shallow enough approach. Going to use Proxdots mounted perpendicular from the front on each side to detect walls.The Picaxe 28X1 was bit of an overkill for this project as it is right now. Maybe in the future I will add light seeking or beacon location.

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This is truly one of these robots that stand out for their neatness!

Thank you. 

Is there any way I can see the code you used? The motipns look flawless!

No problem, I am cleaning up the code and changing the comments from short hand.  I will post the 1.0 version of the code. Working up code for newly added Proxdots.

Posted tested code with an expanded object avoidance table. Used Proxdots to supplement the forward side sensors. They have a short range (on non glossy surfaces) making them ideal for stopping this bot from scraping the wall.