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Motor controller

I am looking for a basic bi-diretional dual motor controller with a very low price. It must be compadable with a standard breadboard and an arduino. I am looking at controlling a tamiya twin motor (1.5-3v, stall voltage in 2000 mA). By the way,  I am looking making an h-bridge but I have no idea how to make one :(

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L293D is the chip you need. Hit ebay, you can get it from Shenzhen for $2, free shipping.

he may need the SN754410 instead. My question is, how do you power a 3v motor with a motor driver that requires at least 4.5v for the motor voltage?

I remember some snippets going by about the Tamya gearboxes sucking a lot of current (more than the L293D can handle) and thus, people were using the SN754410 instead. It sounds like this is the gearbox you have. --For future reference, I think there is a different model of tamaya that uses a higher voltage but sucks less amps. 

Someone please correct me on this if need be.

Actually there is another solution. You can swap out the motors for a better one that draws significantly lower current and run heaps smoother.
While a more expensive solution. I found it was worth it.

Its a popular combination, here is my take, there are lots of others that might be closer to what you want.

Part 1


Part 2


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