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Solenoid as a speaker??

Today it is very hot here .. too hot to make robots or what else to do. so I was just brainstorming about my drum robot .. :)

I use solenoids used to play drums, and was wondering:
would a solenoid function as speaker?
if you have a DC motor with PWM control, eg 10Khz you hear a beep come out. what would happen if I use a solenoid instead of the DC motor? a few beeps at different frequencies? a melody can be heard?

anyone allready tried this before?

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A solenoid and a speaker are similar, but I think you would find the frequency response would be very limited because of the mass of the core that the coil is trying to move. In a speaker the moving coil is made light to keep the momentum low.  No reason not to try it though.

I can't think what they're called, but you can get a device which is like a speaker without a cone.  You place it against a resonant surface and turns the surface into a speaker.