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how to get dimensions for klann linkage from mechanicalspider.com

hey guys...i have been trying to understand how the klann linkage link lengths were set from the diagram in mechanical spider.com.....and i have been unable to crack it....some help you guys ?????

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Thanks for all the help guys....i have got a set of link lengths....now am trying an analytical approach

what method should i follow guys....vector loop method or algebric method

i found vector loop method easy to apply to the four bar linkage in the klann but i cannot extend it to the base triangle and other links

any advice guys ??

ezekiel181 thanks for that.....how to conclude the lenghts and angles of the triangles ???

Use a ratio for the lengths compared to a chosen link, the red one might be a good place to start.

Might take some trial and error to get the triangle dimensions right... they almost look the same sizes as the black/blue/yellow links though.

Have made a weblink. Cool finding, Ezekiel181.

thank you sir.

but that is the theo-jansen linkage. am looking at the klann linkage. do both follow similar design procedures ???


The mechanisms look similar and you should be able to do what you are attempting to do with it.