Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party Berlin Tempelhof

Ok folks, we are in Berlin and setting up our domain. After a bit hassle with the registration and the tent we finally got everything settled.

We still need a bit organisation miracle to setup the big banner (thanks OddBot) and te live video stream but I guess we will get this done by tomorrow noon.

A whole airport terminal full of nerds, can you imagine that? Please keep in touch to learn more about the CP in Berlin.

Videos are coming in from time to time.

To join the current hangout please click here:


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@OddBot: Sure, we got an exclusive place for the banner...see the hangout or just check on youtube :-)

@JAX: There is always another one. Please check the post to find the current hangout link.

wha? hangout is over??? nooes!

I hope you get to raise the banner.

It would be a pity to take it all the way from China to Germany and then leave LMR without any means of demonstrating its dominance over the event :D

Looks like I'm missing a lot!!

HeinyBot looks awesome but I think he likes beer a bit too much!! :P

Dunno what I'll give to be there!!