Let's Make Robots!

Monster Catcher

Catches Monsters Under the Bed

This is the LMR robot for the today's Campus-Party Berlin. Its purpose in life is to help children if they are afraid of monsters in the night. The Monster Catcher stays under the bed and makes noises to catch the monsters...

The Monster Catcher is a collective work of Drakuni, Antonio, Isotope, TinHead, Frits, RobotFreak, Lumi and Francisco.



  • The Making
  • 15min of Fame


The Making

Here some impressions from the making.

Frits, Nils and Antonio elaborate on the ideas. It is important that it is a very easy-to-make robot that does not need rocket science software and hardware.

So the robot shall have a three wheel drive with the front two wheels in differential.

All over sudden G shows up in the Hangout... so we take a break and watch him.

After that Frits shows the catcher.

Antonio gives his Darlington NPN transistor to drive the speaker.

And Frits finishes up the mechanics of this catcher.

Meanwhile Nils worked on the software.

There. The first draft of this little robot.

So Antonio decorated the wheels to make the Monster Catcher a bit more scary.

Drakuni soldered the electronics.

Soon the first motion could be presented. We brought all together. Let's Make Together.

The architect appeared to check if the robot is as specified ;-)

Then the LMR banner had to play the bed and the Monster Catcher got placed for the first system test.

It did well... apart from some bugs...

So we all loughed and had fun observing this little robot.

Meanwhile the competition started... we missed the deadline...

RobotFreak presented his creation.

So did Francisco with his Magabot.

The audience was astonished about the simplicity and functionality of the Magabot.

We LMR clapped and applaused and cheered.

Then Lumi presented the Junior Chopstick. Very funny presentation.

So then the LMR bash dissapeared into the dark of the Berlin's Nightlife.

To then celebrate the day together with the Monster Catcher.

So I'd call that a day. And a finished robot.

15min of Fame

During the Campus Party the Monster Catcher wandered around and got a lot of attention. Especially girls were on it and found this little bummer cute.

(Picture from XicoMDB)


So long, and thank's for all the fish!


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wow! awesome!!!

Wish I could brainstorm with you guys!!!

nice now it needs a bed to go scout out :D

Haha this is Great!

Love it. Clever looking design.
Now all you have to do is convince the kiddos that it caught a monster XD

lol, wondering why that monster catcher looks like ma monster sa well :P

congrats to ya guys!

Fantastic documentation, NilsB - Thanks! :D

Now you've done it. You've planted the seed with your documentary awesomeness. I have a full year to go from no passport to good times at the 2013 Campus Party. The comradery looks delicious.


(Image taken by Lumi)

...and visible on the official Campus Party video: