Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party Berlin 2012 - this was the post we used for much of our communication. Thanks for fish.

Campus Berlin 2012 - A handful LMR members with possibly 10,000 other nerds in an abondoned airport

We have a challenge due to the way Google hangouts etc is working, and because people come with phones roaming etc etc - but this forum post is where we can throw in everything :) Low tech meets high tech.

And if you are not in Berlin, feel free to give us a shout :)

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The LMR division live from Berlin in the Robot Party. (Starting 00:13:50).


I am back home (Germany) now. I hope you guys will have or had a savre trip back home. It was a great time with you on the same table and I regret that we not t´had 3 or 7 days more ;-)

See you next time anywhere, anytime.

17:30 meet at the banner to arrange eating (out?) together :)


17:30 meet at the banner to arrange eating (out?) together :)


15:00 Everyone meet at the LMR banner; Group photo and planning of last evening :)

I can see you guys like a beer and I'm sure you can build a bigger LMR bottle art by the time you leave. If you get a chance to buy it, try a Berliner Kindl. It was my favourite when I was there last time.Photobucket


That beer looks very large for me. Like _very large_! I wonder if that is just because of what I did last night, or if that indeed is one very large beer?

I didn't notice till you pointed that out. It does look big in the picture but the contents is 500ml. Which is a little larger than the popular "stubbie" we have in Australia @ 375ml. Just watch you don't overdo the celebrations on the last day and fly home with a hangover. 

: D