Let's Make Robots!

Campus Party Berlin 2012 - this was the post we used for much of our communication. Thanks for fish.

Campus Berlin 2012 - A handful LMR members with possibly 10,000 other nerds in an abondoned airport

We have a challenge due to the way Google hangouts etc is working, and because people come with phones roaming etc etc - but this forum post is where we can throw in everything :) Low tech meets high tech.

And if you are not in Berlin, feel free to give us a shout :)

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Despite my immediate scepticism, now it seems you are doing it right!

And you have even sorted the bottles by colour, exactly like an ordinary robot would have done!

what hurts the most is being compared to "ordinary" ;_;

BTW your m&m sorter is truly awesome :-) 

Well I might not be at Campus Party, Berlin... regardless remotely here's some bottle art within the spirit:

 LMR in bottles

we are here now,its a great place!

I am here soldering ALF's together ;-)

We all need to build one for the final race on a big course....

The MONSTER CATCHER was made by some us in Berlin: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/33927

...the kung fu war cry and the yelp at the end. When I saw him hiking up his shorts I knew it was going to end poorly.

One of my friends, have one of those with RC gear. Very nice for a very calm summer evening.