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Tamiya 70097 motor sense

(First of all I apologise for my poorness speaking english, i hope you can understand me)

Hi, I'm working in a school proect and I purchased a tamiya 70097 twin motor gearbox. I have seen how many people used it to make robots which detect obstacles and avoid them with ultrasonics sensors, my project is pretty related to those but i dont know how to spin the robot in different senses(to turn left or right).

Well this is my doubt and I would really thank anybody who could help me know how to turn the spin rotation sense.


Gratefully, Nicolas.

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The fancy phrase is "differential drive" and means there is a wheel on each side of the robot and each wheel has its own motor. This is what you have on your Tamiya gearbox. Put simply, if both motors are going the same direction, the robot moves forward. If the wheels turn differently, the robot will turn. With proper speed control (PWM) the degree of turn can be adjusted from a full spin --One wheel forward and one wheel reversed, to a slide --one wheel powered (either forward or reverse) and the other wheel turned off. 



Yes, I know this but I don't know how to do it connecting to a picaxe.

I mean, I weld it to the picaxe plaque and then I define the sense with the picaxe program?


(other question, I think I should choose the 203:1 gear ratio, is this correct?)

that you need to give us more information with relation to the parts you have and the way they are connected to one another.

well right now I have a axe 092 kit but it doesn't have enough pins so i will buy a 16 pin soon, i have the tamiya 70097 and I'm just asking how to give the sense to the motors when they have been already connected to the pins

(I'm sorry about my expression I'm still improving my english )

you will require more hardware to move any motor. When I looked for your board, it seems to only have the 08m on board. You will require some kind of h-bridge if you want to move a motor forward and reverse. The typical choice is either the L293 or the SN754410. To use either of those with the 08m I would also suggest you consider a hex inverter or a pair of NOT gates.

I thank the answer velocity and well explained!

Ok, I already got the l293 and other new stuff and now everything is right.


Thanks to all you!