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Computer vision and electro optics

I see in one booklet these sentences, there is no more information, my question is what are the electro optics and DSP that they maybe can do in this device? How this device work? I search after sites that can help me to understand the electro optic and the computer vision that are related or close to this device and what are the benefits that this method has to a stereo video that use 2 video cameras.

"Small affordable imaging device capable of extracting depth information together with a standard video of scenes by using different focal plane lenses.

Main inventive effect is a plenoptic imaging device for extracting depth information of a scene comprising a micro lens array, an imaging assembly and a DSP.

Each micro-lens lies on a "micro-lens array" and designed to have a different focal plane and to be directed towards the same field of view.

The images that that will be received through each of the lenses will be captured by the imaging assembly and will be processed in order to compute the distance towards objects at the scene or the relative distance between objects."   

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from what i gather , DSP is (digital signal processing) and the micro lenses are based on a fly's eye and a way of receiving a brighter image from available light as the diagram in link 1 shows also can be used for LCD displays , i am assuming the DSP is to control this complex sensor via a coprocessor  there are some links and i found your post on All about circuits

or you could just get one of these