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NEW - Roland MDX-15 CNC Machine $3000 obo

Brand New Roland MDX-15 cnc mill & 3D scanner

·          Details

o    Subtractive Rapid Prototyping (SRP) - starting with a solid object and removing unwanted material 

o    Roland Active Piezo Sensor (RAPS) technology eliminates the drawbacks of conventional contact-type 3D scanners 

o    MODELA CAM software accepts IGES, DXF and STL files exported from the most popular industrial 3D CAD software programs 

o    Dr. PICZA scanning software features a dynamic graphic display and diverse editing functions 

o    With an RS-232C cable, the MDX-15/20 plugs into a computer as easily as any desktop printer 

o    Full product manual found here: http://www.rolanddga.com/resources/pdf/products/scanners/brochure_MDX20.pdf


9 brand new “Micro 100” end mills:

·          2x – 0.125 Carbide Endmills

·          1x – 0.125 Ball Nose Carbide Endmill

·          1x – 0.093 Ball Nose Carbide Endmill

·          2x – 0.050 Ball Nose Miniature Carbide Endmills

·          1x – 0.020 Ball Nose Miniature Carbide Endmills

·          2x – 0.010 Ball Nose Miniature Carbide Endmills


12x12in 1 1/2in thick block of machinable wax


Machine and accessories are brand new out of the box. Package includes all manuals & paperwork as well as all packaged software. Bought this to start a small business but unfortunately, for me financially this is the right machine at the wrong time. Package all together valued at over $3800. Asking for $3000 or best offer. Call me at 262-764-1629 or e-mail me at Supremacy@excite.com if you are interested or have any questions. Ask for Jeremy.

Located in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Maybe we need a classified ads section on LMR.

an advertising section. I was just trying to figure out what it was this forum post was all about. I didn't notice the username on the email address until after reading your comment.

Located in Kenosha. Wisconsin