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Sir Lancelot

Search for balloons and tries to pop them


This is 'Sir Lancelot' the robot I build friday afternoon on Campus Party. Based on a DFRobot RoMeo board (Arduino compatible with motor driver it is build totally from scratch with the materials available in my campus party baggage.

The main use for Sir Lancelot is to pop balloons. With its Ultasonic Sensor he can detect obstacles. At a distance of 30cm before the object the robot will lower the lance and tries to pop the balloon (or whatever is in its way).

Sorry for the lousy video quality. Will make a better one when software is finished.

Sourcecode can be found here.


  • RoMeo AllInOne Robot controller. ATmega168 CPU with Arduino Bootloader and a L298 motor controller
  • 6xAA cells as power supply
  • 2 x Solarbotic GM8 motors
  • 2 x Solarbotics wheels
  • 1 mini sevo
  • coloured popsicle sticks
  • 1 skewer used as lance
  • 1/2 table tenneis ball as 3rd front wheel

Build process:

Some pictures of the biuild process:

Most of the parts that have been used to build the robot. Later on I relaized that I will need a 3rd wheel. So I go out and buy a pack of table tennis balls. A half table tennis ball has the perfect size fo the 3rd wheel.

Upper deck with RoMeo board.

Lower deck with motors...

... and battery holder.

Building comleted.

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Thank you all.

Yes, MarkusB, Campus Party was very inspiring for all of us. @Maxhirez Lancel-Bot great name, fIrst I thought about the name 'Sir Lance-a-lot'.

Lance-a-Bot could be a great name too, because I thought about making a second bot and make a duel between them. Each robot will have a ballon on it. The bot which pop the balloon of the other bot, wins.

Each robot will have a ballon on it. The bot which pop the balloon of the other bot, wins.


Why is this not already a part of Robot olympic competitions?  It would be so fun to watch and take part in.  The good ideas just keep coming from you, RF!

I think about a LMR challenge with balloon popping robots. Just need some time to figure out about the contest rules. I have a lot of robot stuff to give away as prizes.

That Robotfreak didn't call this "Sir Lancel-BOT?" Nice work! I like the colors too! Hope you enjoy CP. Someone drink a Franziskaner in my honor!

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?:P

nice bot!!

CP Berlin seems to be a source of inspiration. We should meet more frequently...