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Quadbot- Four Legged Walking robot (Quadruped) version 1

Walks on its own using its legs

I wanted to implement a robot that could walk. Servos are scarce/very expensive in India after three long days of search i found a very inexpensive source (Thanks to Hobbyking) who shipped them to India. I used my Home made Arduino(Serverino) and a custom shield to connect and power all the 9G servo motors. This was a very basic version with limited motion and functionality. Just walks forward, backward, turns left and right and goes to sitting position. Working on implementing a Bluetooth controlled robot which can walk on both sides using the same chassis but better controller (Robot Controller -M1) that I designed. Will share more details once completed.

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Very nice work.

Thank you. . . I'm still working on a better build and more complex motion. . . Will share more details here . .:)