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Arduino or Romeo ? How to adress 4 wheels/motors ?


I want to create a robot with 4 wheels that would be able to progress through a labyrinth and wouldn't cost too much (it's for a club).

Should I use an Arduino or should I use a Romeo All in one Controller ?

Is it possible to adress/work/direct 4 wheels/motors with either one of this two processors without additional cards ?

Which additional should I add If I need to add one ?


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If we assume that that your 4 motors will be wired in (2) sets of (2) motors (each set of motors wired in parallel) then either will work. The Romeo has an onboard motor driver and there are a huge number of motor driver shields available for a board like the Arduino Uno. --For the record, the Romeo is an Arduino as well.

The bottom line here is current draw. By running 4 motors instead of 2, you are simply doubling the total current draw. The Romeo for example, says it can supply 2A per channel. Just be sure that your motors together draw less than this amount. Other that two motors in parallel, your robot will be wired and operate the same as pretty much any other robot.

Note: When doing the math on the current draw of your motors, you should work with their maximum draw --when they are stalled.

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