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motion sensors

i ran into a ps3 active set at big lots it was only 15 dollars and it claimed 3 motion sensors including hear rate monitor so i purchased it took it home and dismantled the sensors to find what i think is a wireless accellorometer and one with heartbeat sensor and the set comes with a donge that when i plugged it into my labtop it set it up automatically and showed it was sending packets but no response(probably do to the lack of software instruction. I see some interesting apps for this so i went back to big lots and found there are 2 or 3 products that contain wireless sensors interesting. Alot cheaper than radio shack!!!

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Cool find-Big Lots is a good source for some of this stuff, but it tends not to be the great price you'd expect for a lot of things.  (But my congratulations is actually for the use of the longest single sentence I've ever seen on LMR :-)