Let's Make Robots!

Thanks for a fantastic time at the Campus Party Berlin 2012

Thanks for a fantastic time. You are all very giving and really, really cool persons. And very talented.

You know who you are.

Everyone else; Since Campus Party is a returning, and starting to be global -event - why don't we use it as our way to meet IRL?

Hope to see you next time, next place :)

(Click to see large picture :)

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@amando: I guess the next one is in Barcelona.

@all: Well, the CP was really a good thing. Meeting these great LMRians in person was really great too. 

I am not sure if I can make it to the next one but I'll try :-)

Because someone ask about the LMR T-Shirts. I ordered them in a copy shop nearby. Here is the template file that have been used:


i was hoping that someone had a few all ready made , ill check around town and see who can help with printing , thanks again


I can get fairly decent prices for screenprinted T-shirts, I'll ask for a quote too as it has quite a few colours, might be more than I expect.


And on the topic of CP, really dissapointed that I couldn't make it, guess there's always next time.

Where will the next one be?

...for the next time and next place :P