Let's Make Robots!

NOT a bird feeder!

Patrols my patio in search of the neighbourhood thief.

All important information is in the video, and I don´t want to give anything away. :) The components for this experiment are one of the PICAXE programmers that I sell (the Proto18x) and a FlyCam One Eco V2 camera. Also I used this amazing freeware to turn stills into video: http://www.jpgvideo.softonic.com/

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Hi Andres,

Initial thoughts were RFID with tag on collar but getting sufficient range to be practical worked out as too expensive, although it was a few years ago and costs have possibly dropped.  Next option was a pressure mat which did work, although when too many of the winged rats came together it would be also triggered.  Luckily we found the larger biscuits so development was halted.



Thanks for the response, PeteH. We are thinking mostly along the same lines. Your low-fi solution seems to have worked the best. Go figure!

Best of luck!,


Hi Andres,


looks like they are global based theives - we had the same problem with our dog's biscuits.  Most manufacturers seem to be making the biscuits smaller which means the winged rats find them yummy :)  We solved the problem by sourcing larger biscuits.  I did make a dog bowl that had a lid, rotated off when the dog came near - only problem was that it freaked our dog out!



A friend of mine used to call them "shit hawks". :D

PeteH, I am interested in learning how it is that you were able to tell the dog apart from the shit hawks when it came time to open the automatic bowl lid.

Thanks for your interest!


oooooh a bird feeder



Nicely made video :)

Thanks, Bajdi!

Very well composed video! (perhaps you should have made the text inserts last a little longer, I don't know)  You got what you were after.

Now, make the bird catcher and cook those thieves back into dog food.

Thanks, Mogul. You are right. Some cards are gone before you can read them entirely.

Very funny... cooking birds back to dog food... mmmmmmmmm