Let's Make Robots!

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Junkster's picture

The little devil is really cool. I like that it moves so smoothly.

saronmagic's picture

That little guy looks cool and I can see the two Cross-Eyed Photo diodes, it really looks like a Cross-Eyed Robot and nice name, I like it "xi" :)

viswesh713's picture

nice work

kariloy's picture

I would like to see that little dude in action ;) video please?

markcra's picture

Better late than never I hope.

kariloy's picture

Cool video. It was worth the wait :-)

markcra's picture

Dusted off xi and charging the batteries just now.

Maxhirez's picture

That's one fantastic "Junkbot" as they'd call it over at solarbotics.  Way to recycle!  Very nice work.  I actually like the "crossed eyes," as well as the XI moniker.  Little dude has personality. Collected!

markcra's picture

Probably found a little inspiration on Solarbotics back when I made this. I was getting bored of starting projects and never reaching a 'finished' point. This was undertaken so I could have a finnished robot, albeit a simple junkbot.

JerZ's picture

I can't tell from the photo if there is a piece of copper wire in the back keeping it "standing", or if there is a small wheel back there.