Let's Make Robots!

Fernando Arduino

Intention is to construct simple structures
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This is very much a work in progress I've been altering him for about 3 years now but have only recently had access to proper tools and materials. I originally planned on having him play football but now I'm more interested in getting him to build dome structures out of mechano like pieces ambitious I know, but fun. I also want him to play the ukulele which happens to be the perfect size for him.<!--break-->

The servos are controlled by 2 Pololu servo controllers fixed to the Arduino I plan to get him to send all the input data he receives via Xbee to my laptop for more complex decision making which will then send commands sent back His waist in on an axis I plan to have it tilt from side to side with a servo to aid balance while walking His arms are no where near complete I am planning on giving him a selection of hands for different tasks including one to hold to pieces of mechano together while the other one bolts them in place, and perhaps one to hold a selection ukulele chord so he can play along with me<!--break--> 

Currently his right arm has 5 DOF it will be used place and fastening nuts and bolts while his left hold parts together $400 is a complete estimate he was originally made out of recycled materials like remote controlled cars, a plastic cook book stand and tic tac(not sure if they are worldwide) boxes, the only recycled parts on him now are his neck made out of a remote controlled car's wheel suspension and a tuft of hair on his head from my last trip to the barber. Most of the cost is from the Servo's half of which I need to replace as plastic geared servo's are not up to the job <!--break-->

As far as the code is concerned there is hardly any to speak off I've got all the output and input devices to be responsive but have yet to get them all functioning at the same time I really don't feel like sitting down and coding till he's near enough complete<!--break--> 

This is a very ambitious project especially considering as a student I have neither time nor money, but hey it's my hobby I enjoy it and have had plans to build him a friend for a few years, though I may no longer call him Leonardo Arduino now Arduino have used the name